Network Modernization

As you push on your digital agenda, the network often becomes the bottleneck. It is important to reassess your network readiness and re-architect the same to stand up to new demands of the digital enterprise. InKnowTech can help you assess and re-architect your network, from the core to the edges, and also help implement a range of tools to effectively manage the delivery of on-demand services to your business users and consumers.

Coupled with modernization of the network, it is important to reassess the network security measures in place, given that the network goes beyond the traditional LAN / WAN, with interconnects to various cloud-based services, and users accessing services from virtually anywhere.

InKnowTech’s offerings include:

  • Network assessment for digital business
  • Network re-design and implementation
  • Network security assessment
  • Implementation of network performance management solutions
  • Implementation of security solutions

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