Private Cloud Solutions

Take business agility to the next level with private cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service. InKnowTech strategizes, designs and builds your private cloud that is fully aligned to your business needs, while implementing desired levels of automation in key service delivery processes such as provisioning, monitoring and management, metering, chargeback and reporting.

InKnowTech can help you strategize, design and deploy full blown private cloud solutions with appropriate levels of automation using technologies from VMWare, Microsoft, Citrix and other technology providers.

Some key considerations in implementing private cloud solutions are:

  • What applications / services would be delivered on a private cloud (‘as a service’) model? This would be based on priorities such as business areas / processes where you want to drive agility and areas where cost optimization may be achieved by moving to a cloud model
  • Current technology infrastructure (servers, storage, network) and changes to be made to make them ready for moving to the cloud model
  • Choice of virtualization technology and specialized tools needed to manage the cloudified datacenter operations
  • Extent of automation desired in service catalogue administration, provisioning, monitoring and management (incident, configuration, change, capacity), metering of service consumption, accounting and departmental chargeback

Based on the above, InKnowTech develops the overall private cloud strategy, decides on choice of technology,  designs the solution, implements the same, and trains your team before handing it over to them.

InKnowTech also provides outsourced management of the private cloud environment through its Datacenter and Cloud Management service.

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