Datacenter Modernization

Building a new IT platform for the digital era starts with making your existing datacenter lean and efficient. InKnowTech helps in virtualizing and re-architecting your computer and storage infrastructure, making it agile and responsive to the new demands of your business, while lowering costs.

InKnowTech’s offerings include the following:

  • Virtualization Assessment & Design:

  • Assessing your current workloads, server and storage infrastructure available
  • Assessing application readiness for migration to a virtualized environment
  • Assessment of organizational technology and skills and recommending the appropriate platform for datacenter virtualization
  • Capacity planning and solution design for virtualized servers and tiered storage requirements based on the nature of applications and data access needs
  • Preparation of migration strategy and detailed action plan

  • Implementation of Datacenter Virtualization:

  • Preparing servers for hypervisor implementation
  • Installation and configuration of hypervisors and guest operating systems as per recommended design
  • Migration of applications and data to virtualized environment
  • Implementation of management tools and making process recommendations
  • Testing and hand-over

InKnowTech provides datacenter virtualization services using VMWare, Microsoft and Citrix technologies, and implements appropriate management tools from these technology providers, as well as other specialized tools from independent vendors.

Having virtualized your datacenter, you would also need to support the operations with a sound, process-driven IT operations management framework. InKnowTech can provide outsourced IT management services for your virtualized datacenter infrastructure through its Datacenter and Cloud Management service.

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