InKnowTech Client - BEML

InKnowTech provided Design and Consulting for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity for BEML's High Security Datacentre including new architectures for a private cloud inside their enterprise.

InKnowTech Client - Cisco

InKnowTech provided design and consulting for development of Datacenters, Campus Network, WiFi Network and other support systems for Cisco’s Globalization center, besides ongoing IT Management support for critical operations.

InKnowTech Client - Clot

KVH/COLT Telecom provides telecom and network services across Asia and Europe. InKnowTech provided NOC management services including provisioning, operations and quality management, and supported the relocation of NOC and datacenter.

InKnowTech Client - EMC2

InKnowTech transformed Datacenters in multiple EMC locations to meet the new age requirements of visualization and software defined architecture. In addition, InKnowTech supports the client's version management platforms.

InKnowTech Client - Faiveley Transport

Faiveley is a global leader in Railway/Metro Aircon systems and Pantographs. InKnowTech provided Blade Server solutions and security management platforms for Faiveley's Industrial plants.

InKnowTech Client - Fujitsu

InKnowTech provides IT Management Services for Fujitsu and its end customers across the globe encompassing Service Desks, Workplace Services, Mobile Device Management and Enterprise Technical Services.

InKnowTech Client - Jamcracker

Jamcracker is a leader in mobile services platforms and frameworks. InKnowTech provides network and security solutions to enhance Jamcraker's growth and reach across the globe.


InKnowTech provides IT Management, Network Management and Security Services to Mphasis - workplace, on-premise and remote. InKnowTech also provides project execution services to Mphasis' end customers.

InKnowTech Client - Namma Metro

Namma Metro is the urban rail transport for Bangalore city. InKnowTech designed and deployed the network and IT for Namma Metro including Fiber and Copper connectivity, switching, routing infrastructure and datacentre.

InKnowTech Client - Ness

Ness Technologies is a Digital Enterprise operating across multiple geographies. InKnowTech provided IT Management and Network Support services at its Bangalore location.

InKnowTech Client - NIC

InKnowTech transformed NIC's Network Operations Centre and Datacentre including design, consolidation of various technologies, rolling out ITIL-based tools, network management and training of resources.

InKnowTech Client - Orange Business Services

InKnowTech is rolling out E-Gov projects and Enterprise IT projects on behalf of Orange at multiple customer locations. This involves network, systems, surveillance and storage technologies deployment at very large installations.

InKnowTech Client - RuralShores

Ruralshores is a new age BPO enterprise operating in Tier 2 and Tier 3 centres in India. InKnowTech helped Ruralshores build delivery centres by providing Network, IT Infrastructure and support services.

InKnowTech Client - SAP

InKnowTech provides IT Management and support services for users in India and other global locations. Services include voice-based technical support, Email support, Mobile Device Management and project support in critical areas.

InKnowTech Client - STPI

InKnowTech helped STPI build its IT Infrastructure. InKnowTech also provided Design and Consulting services for STPI’s projects in Mauritius, NIC and for STPI's own Network Operations Centre and Datacentres.

InKnowTech Client - Theorem

Theorem is a full-service digital marketing agency spread across multiple global locations. InKnowTech designed and built the IT infrastructure for Theorem's delivery centres involving network, server and other facilities.

InKnowTech Client - Timken

InKnowTech designed and implemented the IT infrastructure for Timken's Global Delivery Center, Campus Network and NOC. We also deployed a Network Management System and provided ongoing support to global Timken operations.

InKnowTech Client - Videocon

InKnowTech designed and implemented a Datacenter, NOC and an Enterprise Network for Videocon D2H, implemented server virtualization with 120+ applications and set up a hosted call center to support 4 Mn subscribers.

InKnowTech Client - Vodafone

InKnowTech supports Vodafone (previously Cable & Wireless Worldwide) in India and supported in Srilanka for roll outs, operations management of IP Telephony networks, NMS desks, provisioning and IT infrastructure management.

InKnowTech Client - WNS

WNS is a global BPM leader. InKnowTech designed and implemented workplace IT solutions covering 10,000 seats in India and Sri Lanka and Intelligent Network and Physical Asset Management solutions for WNS.

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