Shared Remote Management Services

Shared Remote Management Services deliver significant benefits to customers who would like to outsource the monitoring & management of their IT infrastructure and applications.

InKnowTech’s Shared Remote Management Services are delivered from our state-of-the-art iSMC (Intelligent Service Management Center), which is a secure, ISO 27001 certified facility, highly experienced engineers and an integrated set of tools to deliver IT and business outcomes to every customer.

Why Shared Services?

Shared services deliver significant benefits to customers who would like to outsource the monitoring and management of their IT infrastructure and applications. Some key benefits include the following:


Shared services are delivered by a common team of engineers who support multiple clients, which gives rise to economies of operations because the cost of highly trained experts and world-class infrastructure are now distributed to our customers. No matter, how small your infrastructure or IT operations is, shared services results in significant cost savings (on a per device or per incident basis) compared to a dedicated team based services. The fact that the shared team is located in InKnowTech’s premises means valuable, high-cost space at your premises are released for your core business.

ITIL standard processes

The entire operations of shared services are driven by standardized processes in line with the ITIL framework, which ensures services are predictable and consistent at all times. At the same time, the processes are designed to accommodate specific requirements and standard operating procedures that are unique to each customer as well. So with shared services, you get the best of both worlds.

ITIL Standard Process

ITIL Standard Process
Img Source: ITIL – The Beginner’s Guide to Process and Best Practices (

Access to best tools

InKnowTech’s iSMC is equipped with an integrated set of tools that seamlessly work together to ensure the integrity of IT management processes in line with ITIL. Automation and analytics enhance the ability of our engineers to drill down vast amounts of information that IT operations throw up to zero down on problems, while built in workflows help resolve incidents and service requests in the quickest possible time. InKnowTech’s tool set includes a judicious mix of industry standard IT monitoring and management tools along with in-house point tools that enhance effectiveness and efficiency.

Superior and customized SLAs

Because the entire operation is under the complete control of InKnowTech’s Team , we are able to offer superior response and resolution times compared to on-site teams. The integrated tool set offers great scope to tailor SLAs to specific client requirements.

Reliability and Business Continuity

InKnowTech’s iSMC operations are designed for reliability and business continuity.  Our shared services are delivered from two locations, in an active-active mode, with key servers and data being hosted in a world-class data center away from both these locations, with enough redundancy, rapid switch over capabilities and secure data back-up. In the eventuality that one of the shared services locations is unable to function, teams can continue operations from the second locations almost instantaneously, as both teams follow the same set of standardized processes. Teams can also reach the second location in under an hour if required.

Is Shared Services suitable for you?

Shared services could be a great option for you under the following situations:

  • Your IT infrastructure is small currently and it could be expensive to use dedicated teams to support the same
  • You are new to remote management outsourcing and would like to try out remote services in a small way and then decide how to move further
  • You have highly distributed infrastructure across multiple locations in India or the world, and it is practically impossible to staff support teams at all locations

If you are facing any of the above scenarios, we would be happy to assist you in picking the right service delivery model.

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