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Delivering the digital experience anywhere on any device requires re-architecting your application delivery infrastructure, as well as adopting innovative SaaS applications for the workforce. InKnowTech is well positioned to address each of these specific requirements and emphasizes the criticality of VDI assessment as a powerful mechanism to facilitate a seamless migration.

InKnowTech provides a range of services to help modernize the enterprise workplace, such as:

  • VDI / Desktop Virtualization

  • Assessment, Strategy, Planning, Design and Implementation of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure-based application delivery solutionsVDI1
    • Strong knowledge of the current-state system and future-state requirements with a clear emphasis on the end user experience
    • A carefully planned pilot implementation that is highly customizable to the client requirements
    • A pilot implementation that is as close as possible to the actual scenario – in terms of scalability and feasibility, thus reducing the risk of deployment failure or gaps in the end user experience – a kind of bullet-proofing for robust adoption, later on.
  • Capabilities across VMWare, Citrix and Microsoft technologies

  • Mobility and BYOD

  • Business aligned enterprise mobility strategy development, and implementation of mobile device management (MDM) solutions from a range of vendors
  • Design and implementation of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Choose Your Own Device (CYOD) programs including roll-outs across the enterprise

  • Implementation of SaaS solutions

  • Adoption of SaaS applications across solution areas like Office 365, secure EFSS, secure endpoint backup in the cloud and endpoint security solutions

Enterprises are progressively migrating from the traditional desktops and exploring adoption of emerging alternate technologies like VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure). There is a growing need for the enterprises to be aware that a systematic VDI assessment is indispensable before embarking on the VDI migration journey.

Organizations are faced with an unenviable challenge of having to strike the right balance between, keeping pace with, rapid advancements in technology and mitigating the risks in a typical VDI migration. Few organizations that are indecisive about this new paradigm are left behind with the escalating cost of maintaining the legacy infrastructure. They are confronted with mounting operational and technical bottlenecks and end up trying to catch up with the ‘revised technology normal’.

Enterprises looking for VDI assessment may encounter one of the following scenarios – an entirely new assessment from the scratch, an interim assessment that results in a course correction halfway through or a case where a poorly implemented desktop virtualization that could necessitate a complete overhaul.


Are you wondering if VDI, or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, is the right technology for your organization? Our unique VDI Assessment framework* involves meetings with various stakeholders to review and determine the readiness to deploy a VDI, or otherwise suggest other forms of desktop and application delivery.

InKnowTech VDI Assessment Framework

VDI Framework

The tools we use, assure you of an exhaustive and ingenious approach towards identifying the potential pitfalls that are typically encountered in a VDI migration. The tool provides a comprehensive analysis of existing user configurations and enables effective planning, migration and management of next generation desktops without impacting the existing stability. Gone are the days of terrible end user experience, loss of productivity and consequent increase in the TCO – all of which can be avoided with a structured migration.

 *: based on GQuotient’s EGAP Framework


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